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CleanTalk Security Firewall is the WP security plugin that protects your site from all of the known security issues.

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WordPress Security FireWall features

Brute-force Protection

Implements a short delay after each failed login attempt to the WordPress back-end. If an IP address makes 10 or more failed login attempts, it will be banned for the next 24 hours.

Daily Security Report

The WordPress firewall plugin sends a daily security report to your email. This report includes data on the number of incorrect password attempts and the IP addresses from which these attempts were made.

Login Attempts and Password Search Log

The WordPress security log maintains an online record of all login attempts. The log includes details such as IP address, country, date, time, username, and the result of the attempt (successful or failed).

User Actions Log (Audit)

The CleanTalk WordPress firewall monitors activities in the WP Dashboard. It records who logged in, what changes were made, and how much time was spent on each page.

Blocking Access by IP and Email (Black & White Lists)

The WordPress Security Firewall can significantly reduce hacking risks and decrease server load. Utilize the Personal Blacklist option to block IP addresses with suspicious activity, enhancing your WordPress security.

Blocking Access for Specific Countries

Block access to your website via HTTP/HTTPS for individual IP addresses, IP networks, or users from specific countries. Use the Personal Blacklist to block IP addresses with suspicious activity, and use Whitelists to add any necessary exclusions.

Security Traffic Control

Monitors all visitors, regardless of JavaScript usage, and provides valuable traffic parameters. It also allows blocking specific IP addresses, networks, or countries directly from the interface. Additionally, the WordPress firewall can block IP addresses that exceed the average number of visited pages.

Our Database of Dangerous IP Addresses

Maintains a database of the most active IP addresses responsible for massive spam and brute-force attacks. When an IP starts attacking multiple websites, it is immediately added to the blacklist by the WordPress firewall. IP addresses that stop attacking are removed after a short period, typically about two weeks.

WordPress Malware Scanner

The CleanTalk WordPress firewall scans your website for malware to protect it from viruses and removes infected code from files. All results are sent to your CleanTalk Dashboard, providing detailed information for you to investigate and determine if the changes were legitimate or malicious.

WordPress Web Application Firewall

Protects your web application from unauthorized access, even in the presence of critical vulnerabilities. The Web Application Firewall for WordPress intercepts all requests to your website and checks HTTP parameters for SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), unauthorized file uploads, PHP constructions/code, and the presence of malicious code in uploaded files.

Why Your Website Needs a WordPress Security Tool

Every day, websites face the risk of being targeted by hackers. No amount of security for WordPress is too much. Threats such as brute-force attacks, code injections, server slowdowns, and others can compromise your website's security. To protect your website effectively, you need a comprehensive suite of WordPress security tools. CleanTalk Security Firewall is a WordPress security plugin that safeguards your site against a wide range of known security vulnerabilities.

Utilize the Most Advanced WordPress Firewall Plugin

Many WordPress websites face hundreds or even thousands of attacks every week. Without the use of WordPress security tools, hackers can gain access to your website and use it for various malicious purposes. These include obtaining backlinks to improve their own site's PageRank, redirecting your visitors to malicious sites, sending spam and viruses, or launching other types of attacks.

One common hacking method is the brute-force attack, which involves an exhaustive search for passwords to gain full access to an Administrator account. However, by using a WordPress Firewall Plugin like CleanTalk, you can prevent all types of attacks on your WordPress website.


Each service is designed to perform different tasks.

Anti-Spam Service - prevents any spam messages on your websites and includes alloptions/settings to block only spam. It allows you to have an easiest and powerful toolagainst spammers. Spam is unwanted emails/messages/comments and etc. These messages cancontain hidden advertise and links to other websites with viruses.

Security Service - prevents a hacking of websites and restores of damaged and infectedfiles from malicious code. All options/settings are designed to solve any issues withhackers attacks. Malware is infecting systems files and data on websites and may to turnit into a botnet, which means the hacker can control websites and use it to send malwareor spam to others.

The main difference between SpamFireWall and Security FireWall is that SpamFireWalldoesn't have a full access blocking and if real visitors were blocked they can skipSpamFireWall after 1sec browser checking and they will never get a blocking page.

Security FireWall will full blocking access to your websites from IPs in the firewalldatabase and there is no way to skip it.

The databases for both services are formed in different ways.
SpamFireWall database is formed by small IP networks which contain a very lot of spamactivity IPs.
Security FireWall database is formed by separate IPs which have a very high spamactivity.

Each database updates in real time and you can use your own Black or White lists.

Malware Scanner checks your website files for malicious code.

Website Malware Scanner checks all WordPress files, plugin files, theme files and unknownfiles.

The scanning uses heuristic analysis, malicious code search is based on signatures of theknown viruses.

If your website has a malicious code, the scanner will give you several ways of removing it.

CleanTalk Security it is real-time protection for your websites against online threats. By using ourprotection service, you will be able to keep safe your WordPress admin access, WordPress systemsfiles from malware.

CleanTalk let you know, who and what changes have made in your admin area with Audit Log and send youa notification when admin is logged.

CleanTalk Malware Scanner will check a system WordPress files, Themes and plugins to find and removea malware code and spam/hidden links.

Secure your website with CleanTalk powerful WordPress security tools. Get started today for just $9 a year per website.

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