Secure WordPress Site From Hackers

$150.00 $50.00

It only takes 1 successful break to destroy all your hard work.


I will Secure WordPress Sites with The MOST STRONG Security Measures Known to Man!

Today, WordPress is the PRIME target of Hackers. 1000s of Hacker Bots try to break into 1000s of WP sites every day.

Your WP sites might be hit by these Bots right now without you knowing anything about it. It only takes 1 successful break to destroy all your hard work.

Top Security Include

  • Implement over 176+ ROCK SOLID Security Measures
  • Implement Anti-Malware Protection
  • Implement Anti-Virus Protection
  • Implement Firewall Protection
  • Implement SPAM Protection
  • Protection against DOS / Brute Force Attacks
  • Secure your Login Page (with email notifications)
  • Secure your File System
  • Implement Anti-Hacker Protection
  • Secure your Database from Hackers
  • Secure default Admin Login URL (secret login)
  • Implement 5G Firewall Protection
  • Implement My CUSTOM .htaccess Protection
  • Deep Scan & Weed out any hidden Trojans/Virus
  • Manual checkup & cleaning of core theme files
  • Refresh WordPress Core engine files
  • Secure your website with Max Security


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